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Horse Fly Traps

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How it works

Pesticide-free horse fly trap exploits horse fly behavior to eliminate horse flies from up to a two-acre area per trap.

  • No chemicals required

  • Horseflies typically fly upward after attacking prey and become trapped naturally

  • Use water in the bucket to eliminate trapped horse flies

  • Use no water in the bucket to catch and release horseflies elsewhere if desired

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Horse flies are trapped in this bucket
After biting, horse flies
typically fly upward
Horse flies are attracted to large, shiny, dark objects heated by the sun as they resemble warm-blooded animals
Inflatable PVC Ball

Inflatable PVC Balls

50cm diameter inflatable balls also sold separately to be used with sticky coatings for trapping horse flies and deer flies. Can be used as replacements in horse fly traps.

Horse Fly Trap Test Results
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